Items that would fall under Division III or IV of the Middle Kingdom A&S Criteria or that could be classified as a Technological or Studio Art/ Science would be included in the College of Technological and Studio A&S.

Technological Studies include Armor ( mail, non-metal, plate), Casting, Clockwork & Clockwork Mechanisms, Ironwork & Tool making, Music Instrument Making, Scientific Instruments, Scale Siege Engines, Using Skeletal Materials, Weapon-Making, Wood ( Construction, Joinery, Embellishment, Turning). Though research is normally included in the Technological Division, for RUM it falls under the College of History.

Studio Arts and Sciences include Bookbinding, Calligraphy, Ceramics & Pottery, Decorative Metalwork, Drawing, Glasswork, Illumination, Lapidary, Leatherwork, Painting, Papermaking, Sculpture & Stone Carving.



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  Photo credit: Bryna Chandler